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What we need to come to the solution

Many problems can be prevented by not only staring blindly at what the customer indicates as a problem or what logically reasoned the problem could be. A good diagnosis starts with a clear and complete description of the problem.

Even if you contact the EuroTech Center hotline, it is important to have as much information as possible available. We recommend that you perform all standard examinations related to the symptoms. Also pay attention to the “codes” and verify all symptoms before calling.

Contact with EuroTech Center is in three steps.


Collect Information
Collect as much information as possible about the symptoms and conditions of the failure. It is also important to note the model year, brand and model type and engine code to the diagnosis form.


Contact hotline
Call the EuroTech Center and enter your personal code and PIN. If desired, we can give you direct access based on caller ID.


Come to your solution
You will be put through to one of the hotline staff. Based on your information and our knowledge, information is provided to help you solve your problem.