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About EuroTech Center

Because cars are getting more and more electronics on board, the systems are becoming more complex and electronic relationships are more difficult to establish, a lot of knowledge is required to maintain cars or to diagnose them quickly and efficiently in the event of a malfunction. EuroTech Center helps you to apply or update your knowledge in several ways. We do this by providing training, making technical manuals, but we can also assist you directly in the workplace with information, experience and advice.

When you call the EuroTech Center, you can count on a source of knowledge in the automotive field. EuroTech Center supports customers in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and England. We partner with TechCenters worldwide and gather the experiences of thousands of skilled automotive technicians. 85% of callers to our help desk find an answer in our existing database. For the remaining 15%, we are your partner to find the solution for you, without this costing you valuable time.