Terms & Conditions

  1. General conditions
    These conditions apply to all activities and services of EuroTech Center Nederland (hereinafter referred to as ETC), including the internet site www.eurotechcenter.nl, www.eurotechcentre.nl, www.eurotechcenter.eu, www.mymodis.eu the forum and the telephone help desk. You are requested to read these conditions carefully.
  2. Approval
    By using the services of the ETC and the information offered, you agree to these conditions.
  3. Information ETC
    1. The information provided may not be used instead of advice or guidelines from the applicable (vehicle) manufacturer. Decisions based on information from ETC are at your own expense and risk. If a (vehicle) manufacturer uses different or additional guidelines, the manufacturer’s guidelines must always be used.
    2. Although ETC tries to provide correct, complete and current information, ETC does not guarantee that the information offered is correct, complete or current.
    3. Although ETC puts a lot of time and energy into technology, software, connections and databases, ETC does not guarantee that products and services will function without errors or interruptions.
  4. Subscription forms
    1. Expiry of the call minutes
      The calling minutes are running when you have an ETC employee on the line. If you are “on hold” no call minutes will expire.
    2. Change subscription form
      You can change your subscription form by contacting your Snap-On dealer. With a 30 and 60 call minutes subscription you have to do this before you exceed the 5 minute limit. With an annual subscription, you must change your subscription form one month before the expiry of your subscription.
    3. Cancel subscription
      You can only cancel your subscription by writing a letter to EuroTechCenter, Dorresteinweg 66C, 3762 KK Soest. With a 30 and 60 call minutes subscription you have to do this before you exceed the 5 minute limit. With an annual subscription, you must cancel in writing one month before the expiry of your subscription.
    4. Handover
      All subscriptions that have been entered into are not transferable to other persons and / or parties.
  5. Rights and obligations
    ETC, or the entitled party, retains all rights (including copyrights, trademark rights, patents and other intellectual property rights) with regard to all information offered via ETC (including all texts, graphic material and logos). It is not permitted to download or to disclose, distribute or multiply this information in any way without prior written permission from ETC or legal permission from the entitled party. You may use information obtained only for the purpose of maintaining and repairing vehicles and using the diagnostic equipment.
  6. Security and liability
    1. Security
      The security of messages you send to ETC is not guaranteed. If you choose to send messages to ETC, you accept the risk of third parties intercepting, misusing or altering these messages.
    2. Liability
      ETC does not accept any liability with regard to direct, indirect, special, incidental, intangible or consequential damage, regardless of whether ETC has pointed out the possibility of this damage, which in any way arises from, but does not have to be limited to:

      • defects, viruses or other imperfections in equipment, software or vehicles related to access to or use of the services of ETC
      • the information that is offered
      • the interception, modification or improper use of information
      • the operation or unavailability of the services
      • abuse of services
      • loss of data
      • downloading or using software
      • or claims of third parties in connection with use of the services.
    3. Pincode
      Your PIN is the guarantee that nobody will abuse your subscription or calling minutes. You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of this code. You can always have your PIN changed by requesting this in writing to ETC. You will then receive a new PIN code by post. If you suspect that your PIN code has been misused, you can notify ETC by email at administration[at] eurotechcenter.nl or by letter. ETC will block your code as soon as possible. You will then receive a new PIN code.
  7. Rates and payment
    1. 30 call minutes subscription
      The 30 call minutes subscription costs € 53,00 excl. 21% VAT.
    2. 60 call minutes subscription
      The 60 call minutes subscription costs € 98,00 excl 21% VAT.
    3. Year subscription
      The Year subscription costs € 695,00 excl. 21% VAT.
    4. Direct debit authorization
      You authorize ETC to debit the said amount for the subscription you have chosen from your account within 14 days after you have received an invoice from ETC. An invoice will be sent to you every 5 minutes after or after your annual subscription has expired, and the amount will be debited from your account within 14 days. Your subscription will only start when your payment has been received. If for some reason it is not possible to debit the outstanding amount from your account, ETC reserves the right to temporarily block your access to the helpdesk.
    5. Price changes
      ETC reserves the right to change prices in the interim. You will always receive written notice of this in advance.
  8. Protection of your data
    1. ETC processes your personal data in accordance with applicable privacy regulations.
    2. ETC uses your data for the following purposes:
      • provision and development of our services.
      • provision to third parties if required by law.
  9. Disputes
    Dutch law applies to the services of the ETC. All disputes under or in connection with these terms and conditions will be brought exclusively before the competent court in the Netherlands. ETC reserves the right to submit the information and / or services offered through the ETC, including the text of these terms and conditions. to change at any time without further notice.

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