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Corona Info

Our helpdesk is normally available during these weeks. We have been able to help all our callers so far with due observance of all precautions. In addition, we have created opportunities where we can continue our services from different places and locations, if necessary.

We had to cancel the training in our training center.
Because we do not know how long the current situation will last, we have built a new studio to be able to give the training courses online.
Recently we had the first live online training from this studio with Snap-on. And with success: only positive reactions!

One from the study, the other from the couch, all participants could participate in the training from home and because of the interactive nature and the fact that we could see each other and ask questions, we were able to transfer knowledge in a very fun and relaxing way.

Today we have further optimized the equipment, software and studio so that we can go live even better and faster.
We expect to be able to offer more training in this way in the short term.

Investing in learning is a good way to make good use of the available time and an opportunity to emerge stronger and with more expertise. And we can use that when we are going to continue and build our companies and going to run them as we were use to.